Abra took this
October 25, 2008


I have to share this rockin’ pic that Abra took.

She was taking the shot of me taking the shot of myself and Andor.


This is the photo that that I took of Andor and I a split second after Abra took her picture. 


So far
May 3, 2008

So far I love being a mother. It’s beautiful. It’s an experience that I am so very glad to be having. Yesterday we all (Andor, Abra, Myself and Cyan) lounged about and played under the sun at Jamison Square. We talked to the other mommies, and met other children and infants. It was one of the most relaxed and happy afternoons that I have had since I got pregnant. I look forward to this summer being full of the same sun bathing and socializing.

I’m fortunate to live in such a lovely neighborhood. There are so many very cool families that live in this area. Mommies that hail from India, Thailand, Japan, the Ukraine, Italy and Germany live in the Pearl and hang out by the fountain! I couldn’t be happier, and Andor, who gets cooed at and petted by these ladies, thinks that life is relaxed and happy, and full of different colors and languages, as he should.

I’m glad I love in Portland, no offense Texas.

About my health. The cesarean incision is nearly all healed up in the inside. I ran up the stairs the day before yesterday and noticed that it didn’t hurt at all! Ana (another mommy in the neighborhood) and I and her children (Selena- 6 months and Tyler 3 and a half) went for a stroll down to the docks and back yesterday evening and I didn’t have extra bleeding or soreness! Great news for me because as summer approaches so do long, luxurious walks along the river, and I wouldn’t like to miss those!

And now or something completely different.

I have some projects to do. I want to plant some herbs again for this summer. It was so nice to have fresh basil and parsley for all the yummy farmers market veggies last year. They lasted a long time too! I also want to do a photo project/blog on my teeth. I really want to earn some money to fix my two front teeth, but I need something to help me visualize. Anyone know a dentist that feels like donating to charity? I have the most difficult time smiling with my gray tooth and gap. Last, but not really last, is my belly cast. I need to finish it and hang it. I like it very much and now I need to make it a piece of art instead of an unfinished belly cast that sits on my floor.

Andor needs me. Gotta go.