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Unresolved and Solving
March 14, 2009

Here we are, three months into the new year and my poor ignored resolutions are yet to be reached. Blogging twice a week isn’t impossible, but I choose to read or play with my son when I have the time. I’m just not motivated to write that much. I think I ought to change the resolution to read: to blog at least twice a month! That is more realistic. Also loosing ten more pounds has turned into 15 because I seem to have put on a little weight since Andor started eating more solids! It’s a trap! I want to keep the food he doesn’t eat from being wasted, so I eat it! It’s no good, and If I keep it up I’ll be sorry. Eat less move more is my mantra. When we move into the new space it will be a lot easier to work out everyday, that and this summer the baby will be running around and I can chase him! I know I can take this weight off, I just have to be mindful. That’s enough about resolutions.

Andor is walking. He gave up on crawling almost all together and walks around looking so thrilled about it. I think it’s awesome. He is also getting the teeth next to his two front teeth and frozen blueberries seem to be the only thing he really wants to eat. I don’t blame him, they’re yummy. The sweater jacket he’s wearing in this picture is his new favorite thing. He points at it, barks “that” and when I give it to him he wanders around with it, sometimes pressing it to his cheek lovingly. I’m not sure what it is about the thing. It’s a vintage I picked up at the bins. He oves it. He knows that it’s his, and perhaps he associates it with going outside. I don’t know.

So, we move out of this tiny little place on the 28th, and into a 2 bedroom that is nearly three times the size of our current apartment. It will be just a few minutes from Cal’s work in Beaverton. We will be so happy with more space and to have Cal home more. Andor really really loves hanging out with his daddy, and well, so do I. I can’t wait to get to know the neighborhood. I have spent a little time in google maps looking for a few things, but I’m much better at exploring in person. There are many asian markets in the area that i can’t wait to check out. Also, the library and a couple of parks are close.

Anyhow, these days are spent slowly packing and cleaning and organizing and playing with Andor. I love being able to take my time to pack up the house, and go through everything. I can stop everything and entertain Andor or go for a walk or cook and not sweat it. It’s nice. It’s pretty amazing how much stuff we have packed into this tiny space and how little of it is used because it’s in perpetual storage.

That will change in the new place! The next blog will be after we’ve moved in and there will be many pictures!

My Best Friend’s Wedding
February 16, 2009

These photos and this blog were a long time coming, but they’re here! I can’t even describe how well the wedding went, despite the weather nearly causing many tempers to be tested and chain application challenged! All went well, no one fainted or gave drunken toasts, the food was good and the staff was very helpful.

We were at the Bonneville Day Spa in Washington, accommodations were perfect and very comfortable, and we spent the night after the wedding lounging in the hot tub outside, surrounded by snow drifts and cool fresh air. It was very nice.

So, now that the pictures are in, we can pour over the memories, and decided which one of these things to print. I think this picture is a candidate for printing for my wall for sure.

Good times and so forth
February 7, 2009

This year, so far, has been great. Day by day I get more and more used to being exclusively a mom, and lose a little of the guilt of not being at work everyday. It’s tough when you’ve been made to believe that a person’s worth is merely what they can earn in dollars. I work on it a little every day. Whenever I feel the feeling start to creep up, I look at my beautiful, relaxed, happy son and my clean apartment, and know that I oughtn’t feel even a little guilty.

I chopped my hair, the choice was to perm it again (too expensive) or cut it off. So I cut it. It looks nice. Short hair really looks the best on me anyway. I look fresh and clean and modern once again.

What else. Andor is still a little pea. He’s 28 inches and 18 pounds. A little guy. He comes in at the 17th percentile in height and the 3rd percentile in weight on the World Health Organizations Exclusively Breast Fed Growth Chart. He is meeting and exceeding all of his milestones. He has a few signs already: all done, more, hi, hot, and pointing at what he wants. Pretty darn good for a ten month old ūüôā

Cal and I are discussing the size of our apartment. It’s really really small and we are close to outgrowing it. Perhaps we will end up nearer to his work by the end of the year. Beaverton Ahoy! Keep your eyes peeled for me .. ok? Something on the Max line, no more than $600, near Millikan and Murray.¬† I’m not too thrilled to have to leave my precious pearl, but, size does matter in this case.¬† We have 6 months of weather that just isn’t fit for a toddler.

Nothing else is really all that new.

More later.

February 1, 2009


Lorenzo’s is truly one of Portland’s best Italian restaurants. ¬† The food is honest, simple, and fresh. ¬†Lorenzo cares deeply about your taste buds and truly wants you to eat well and enjoy yourself. ¬†These days you will find him back in the kitchen, cooking every dish, with the love and attention that you can see and taste in every plate.

The salads are dressed to perfection, the pasta is toothy, and the sauces are fantastico. ¬† The restaurant itself has undergone a few changes for the better, growing up and into it’s own. ¬†The deli style counter service has changed to full a full sit down service and the chalk board of specials is now given to you table side by a waiter, making the whole Lorenzo’s experience more relaxed and yet, somehow, more formal.

The addition of a full bar in the back, where the deli case used to be, is great for watching the action in the kitchen.  The drink specials are straight forward and absolutely affordable.


My lunch of an organic salad tossed in red wine vinaigrette, bread with oil and vinegar, a giant rustic raviolo of the day, and a glass of Montepulciano was perfect.  The raviolo had roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions, prosciutto (added for $1 more), a silky cream sauce and fresh sage and toasted almonds.  No kidding, all of this for $13.50!  I was full, happy and relaxed and spent a little time just taking it all in on the big comfy couch.


Besides the great food, no one seemed to mind that my son, 10 months old, was with me. ¬†In fact, you might say that Lorenzo’s and Lorenzo himself are quite child friendly.

I highly recommend the food here.

Hello 2009!
January 1, 2009


2008 is over and another year has just begun!

The last year was, in some ways, the most difficult, and in some ways the most wonderful year so far in my life. I learned to finally let go of the notion that I can change anyone other than myself, a painful realization for someone like me, who really wants to help others find their joy. On the other hand, I learned that I can choose a happy family and friends, my own happiness, and my own well being! How beautiful a lesson to learn, and how much richer my life will be for it!

Now on to the new years resolutions!

I will:
Lose ten pounds
Create and stick to a schedule
Blog at least twice a week
Get more involved in my community.

Those things are within reach, reasonable, and throughly wonderful resolutions.

What about you? Any resolutions?

My Birthday Dinner
November 14, 2008


George took me and the girls (Ocia and Abra) out to dinner for my birthday. We went to Lorenzo’s at¬†3807 N. Mississippi Avenue of course. I can’t help myself, it’s so good.

Go and eat, really.
If you’ve been before go again. ¬†There have been some really nice changes made to the front of the house.

Go now.



A Stomach Virus, Dirty Wood Floors, and a Baby Squirrel
August 21, 2008

My sister and I are in the process of getting to know each other. After Andor was born, she decided to come and visit so that we could learn more about each other.

And how.

I won’t tell the whole story because, quite frankly, I don’t want to re-live the whole thing. It was tense for me. I have a lot of unresolved issues surrounding her, my mother, and pretty much all other family from both sides. I wanted for her to relax and enjoy my beloved city.

I didn’t give up the feeling that I had some control over her feelings until a little later than I ought to have, but who’s counting.

Either way the entire trip was blessed by Murphy himself.

She and the girls got the stomach virus and was pretty much sick for the first few days, the condo I got her was impossible, the wood floors were hyper sensitive and had to be kept clean or they would scratch, it was impossible to regulate the heat, the day we visited the tide pools in Newport, was literally one of the worst days of the year to go, the sea life was four feet under and unable to be viewed, the beach was windy and cold, the washing machine and dryer in the condo wrinkled all her clothes, rendering most of her clothes unwearable…etc.

And there really is an etc.

I really felt like every complaint that she had was my fault, of my doing somehow. I felt like I was a miserable hostess, and that…nevermind, that part I need to chew on more.

Either way…the food I made was really good, Cal was an amazing uncle, complete with t-rex claws for the girls, the view from The Civic is awesome, the Japanese Gardens rule, OMSI has a great dinosaur exhibit, the coast is still rainy and cold and beautiful, Andor is amazing, and growing, and I love the day to day again. And we saw a baby squirrel.

Portland is my favorite.
My little family is all that I need.
I am brave and so is my sister.
My best friend is beautiful.
To be continued.

June 21, 2008

This is going to be written as long as Andor is resting or occupied. Here goes.

Surgery is behind me. My body is fully functioning and normal. My linea negra is still quite dark and runs the length of my torso and down the back of each leg. My hair is still quite full and hasn’t begin to fall out. My arms are getting stronger every day from holding the baby. I dance and walk and stretch for exercise. I am still hanging on to about fifteen extra pounds, which reminds me to eat healthy and walk.

I’ve settled into a routine that I like. Andor, of course, is the center of my universe right now, so everything hinges on him. He’s so easy going that I can do anything I choose, really. He remains happy, healthy, and even tempered. I enjoy him every minute.

Had I not read so much about attachment parenting, however, I think I would be exhausted, bitter, and half insane.

Andor sleeps with us, I breast feed him on cue, I respond to his cries within seconds, I wear him during the day, and we have been practicing infant potty training. Through this style of parenting I have discovered that each one of his little cries mean something, and he feels confident that I will satisfy his needs. So, he’s relaxed, happy and learning (and so am I).

I fall deeper in love with him and his dad every day.

That’s all the time I have, gotta run and play with a tiny baby.

Portland turned out for Barak Obama
May 19, 2008

Barak Obama spoke on the waterfront today in Portland; Cal and Andor and I walked down to catch the speech. I was thrilled to get to hear him.
Of course, I didn’t get to see him, I’m sure we saw his bus, but not him. Oh well, I still felt like I was near greatness and surrounded by throngs of people who were there to support it. His campaign is saying 75,000 came out in Portland today, a record turnout for the campaign. My city is the sexiest city.

His speech was about what you would expect from him. He thanked his campaign organizes for their hard work, spoke about Portland fondly, and then treated the rest of the time as an opportunity to actually run for president. He spoke about how he and McCain were different. He explained how his (Baraks) ideas were better, and how he would be a better candidate. It was enjoyable, intelligent, and filled with purpose.

I was impressed.
It was a good day.

Check out this video for a look at the crowd and a little listen to his speech.¬† It’s not the whole speech, but I caught a good part.¬† Listen up!

I Hate the Swing Shift
April 26, 2008

So, Cal works the swing shift, and keeps very different hours than I. Andor and I go to sleep at 10pm while Cal doesn’t lay down until 4am, at the earliest. We are two ships passing in the night! I thought this collage illustrated much of what I feel about this schedule we keep. He’s like a blur of movement, coming or going. I hardly see him at all.

I wish this would change. I want Andor and Cal to have some time together. I want Cal and I to have some time together. The warnings of other mothers resound in my mind, “time will pass so quickly, cherish this time you have together” and I want to scream knowing that Cal gets, maybe, a half hour a day with Andor. It’s sad, I think.

Here’s to times when our schedules mesh better.

Andor Relaxing Jamison Square
April 3, 2008

The sun is out and the fountain is on at Jamison Square!

Abra, Andor, Cyan, Eve and I went to bathe in the sun and socialize with the neighbors. It was lovely. The kids all get to gather and play while the mommies get to enjoy the sun and each other. The only thing that could have made it better is if the farmers market were open and it was berry shortcake day!  We have to wait for June for that.

Soon enough.

It’s so nice to have the sun back. It goes away for far too long for me sometimes. To get to bask for so long today was so nice.¬† Doesn’t Andor look like a fully satisfied baby? Ah, nummies in sun, the ultimate relaxant.

My Sweet New Baby
March 29, 2008

Man I love this kid.

His little face makes me weak in the knees and turns me into princess kissey face! I want to cuddle him all the time. My heart is full and happy. I have two incredible guys to love and care for. I am content, I am full, I am completed.

I am a mother.