Money, so they say

I’ve posted resolutions before and found that they are only marginally helpful for me. Last year I promised to blog more and lose weight and I have’t done much of either really! This year I have only one resolution and that’s to make a little money!

Money, money, freaking money! We need to build our savings back up! Since I’m not interested in Cal taking another job, and us not seeing him ever again, its up to me! I’m not going back to work, so I’ve been looking around for a nanny position. So far I’ve spoken to one family about possibly caring for their 5 year old daughter. So the possibility is there, it just takes a while.

I’ve been working on the saving money each month thing too. It doesn’t help that it’s so flippin’ cold outside! Our last heating bill was outrageous! I can’t think of much to do to save money on our food bill. We could certainly have vegetarian meals a few times a week and save a little. If we could buy more things in bulk it would help too. I really hope that the garden this summer helps a little bit. I can also hang our clothes to dry outside now that we have a little porch in the back. I still have the lines and clips from the little apartment,, they just need to be hung. We really just need to make more money every month.

And now for something completely different.Andor wants me to come play legos!


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