Where have you been?

I don’t blog even a little bit these days. My life has been taken over by this beautiful little man, and I make no apologies for it. I spend most of my time making sure that he is happy and the rest of the time getting somewhere that will make him happy! Our lives just don’t really support much of the sedentary, and when it does, I choose to take a hot bath, or order groceries online. I hardly even take any pictures anymore because of the time that it takes to post them, edit them, etc.

However, about a month ago, Andor started taking very substantial naps around noon and I have been able to do a little bit of sitting around (although I ought to be working out to try and ditch these last 10 pounds), and I have opened a site on Etsy!

I need for us to have about $200 more a month in income so that I can have health insurance. I can’t go on without that safety net any longer and I’m hoping that I can make at least that on Etsy each month. I feel very uneasy with the idea that one sickness could wipe us out financially! Cal and Andor are covered and I just play the odds. I think it might be part of my anxiety.

Anyhow..that’s the deal. I’m making jewelry and selling some pristine vintage items on Etsy and I hope you visit my site.

Otherwise, we are really settling into our new place. Cal lives really close to work now and can walk there! We have so much more time with him now! It’s nice. Andor is growing, talking, running, climbing, jumping, and bossing! I love it! He’s so handsome I can hardly stand it. I want to eat him up all of the time. I savor these moments and know that they go by so quickly! He reads a million books a day and seems to get new words/phrases all of the time. All of his eye teeth are about to break through. Toilet training will be here soon.

Some bits and pieces…Cal is going to start school again. I am going to look at how much it will cost to cap my front tooth at the end of December. Gluten free is really working for our family. Routines are the way to go.

Go and visit my Etsy and tell me what you think!


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