Looking forward to the sun!

I can’t even describe how badly I want the weather to be nice again! Early this month the sun came out, full blast, and we all packed up and went down to the Square and had a day of sun and relaxation! It was lovely. Andor played and played and played. Of course, the weather went back to it’s normal cold and rainy and we went back to being inside and waiting out the rain with books and snacks and rolling cars around on the floor. Ho hum …

It’s supposed to be nice and sunny this weekend, so, we’ll see,

We’re all settled in to the new place now. We had Cal’s parents over for a little dinner of artichokes, salad, mussels, and blueberry gallette to break it in officially. Next I’ll have to have a little get together/ house warming party. My friends have to actually be available though. I’ll poll later on facebook to see if people are available next week

What else? Andor has started to do kiss sounds..mmuuuuumua! He also stands at the door waving, indicating that it’s time to go outside now! We went to the zoo on $2 Tuesday, and he tried to hug the big Amazon fish, while he cooed, “woooaaa, wooaaa”. He likes fish. The big cats were a hit too. 🙂

Soon enough, the sun will be blazing and I will be watching Andor splash in the water fountains!

That’s the update.

Andor is waking up and I need to go.

More later.

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