Unresolved and Solving

Here we are, three months into the new year and my poor ignored resolutions are yet to be reached. Blogging twice a week isn’t impossible, but I choose to read or play with my son when I have the time. I’m just not motivated to write that much. I think I ought to change the resolution to read: to blog at least twice a month! That is more realistic. Also loosing ten more pounds has turned into 15 because I seem to have put on a little weight since Andor started eating more solids! It’s a trap! I want to keep the food he doesn’t eat from being wasted, so I eat it! It’s no good, and If I keep it up I’ll be sorry. Eat less move more is my mantra. When we move into the new space it will be a lot easier to work out everyday, that and this summer the baby will be running around and I can chase him! I know I can take this weight off, I just have to be mindful. That’s enough about resolutions.

Andor is walking. He gave up on crawling almost all together and walks around looking so thrilled about it. I think it’s awesome. He is also getting the teeth next to his two front teeth and frozen blueberries seem to be the only thing he really wants to eat. I don’t blame him, they’re yummy. The sweater jacket he’s wearing in this picture is his new favorite thing. He points at it, barks “that” and when I give it to him he wanders around with it, sometimes pressing it to his cheek lovingly. I’m not sure what it is about the thing. It’s a vintage I picked up at the bins. He oves it. He knows that it’s his, and perhaps he associates it with going outside. I don’t know.

So, we move out of this tiny little place on the 28th, and into a 2 bedroom that is nearly three times the size of our current apartment. It will be just a few minutes from Cal’s work in Beaverton. We will be so happy with more space and to have Cal home more. Andor really really loves hanging out with his daddy, and well, so do I. I can’t wait to get to know the neighborhood. I have spent a little time in google maps looking for a few things, but I’m much better at exploring in person. There are many asian markets in the area that i can’t wait to check out. Also, the library and a couple of parks are close.

Anyhow, these days are spent slowly packing and cleaning and organizing and playing with Andor. I love being able to take my time to pack up the house, and go through everything. I can stop everything and entertain Andor or go for a walk or cook and not sweat it. It’s nice. It’s pretty amazing how much stuff we have packed into this tiny space and how little of it is used because it’s in perpetual storage.

That will change in the new place! The next blog will be after we’ve moved in and there will be many pictures!

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  1. Hi there! I have checked in on your blog every so often and have found quite a bit inspiration. I wish you well on your move. Can’t wait for more posts! Greetings from Boston!

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