We are all going to be moving to Beaverton in 30 days. We have the opportunity to almost triple our living space for just a hundred dollars more a month, and also, we’ll cut almost 3 hours of travel time out of Cal’s day, freeing him up for more time with the family.

This is certainly a bittersweet moment, as I will greatly miss my neighborhood and my neighbors, but the time has come.

So, with that, I have made a list of things that I wish to have to fill my new space and make it a home. If you have any of the following things that you’d like to donate, I will gladly take the off of your hands. It’s not exhaustive, so, if there is something lurking in your storage taking up space that you were going to get rid of that you think I might need, let me know.

I will also be announcing a going away party soon.

Wish List:

Large Stock Pot
Medium pot
Small Pot
Durable Couch
Complete silverware set
Steak Knives
Dry goods containers
Prints and Pictures
Toy Organizing something
Baby bookshelf
Train table
Toddler Bed

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