Keep up… will you..


So many things to catch up on, where will I begin? My shift key was pulled off by my little ninja, which slowed my typing substantially, but then my power cord broke, rendered my computer totally useless, until the replacement arrived; which it did, today.  So, this is going to be a long blog, with hopefully, shorter sentences than that last monster.

Things have settled into a new routine since Andor started waking up earlier. He’s awake at almost exactly the same time every morning, 6:15 or a little later. We get up and go play next door at Sip and Kranz at 7:00. An oatmeal and a coffee later, we come home around 9:00 when he nurses and sleeps for about an hour. It’s lonely there at that time of the day because not many people are out, but we’re too loud to stay at home.

Especially since the teething started.

I noticed that Andor seemed to just be unhappy no matter what was happening. You’d be tickling him and he’d laugh, and then start this crylaugh hybrid of pathetic sadness that breaks your heart. Then he just couldn’t stay by himself for as long, and he’d crawl up my leg more and now it’s dissolved into needing me to hold him and nurse him all day. If I wear him and walk around he stays relaxed, but he seemed to be hurting.

and lo!
what was there today!
a tooth!
no wonder!
Poor tiny baby. Yep. I saw it and felt it. It’s just a little tiny thing coming from the bottom pallet. My little man is getting his little teeth!

Anyhow, I haven’t been able to make it to Isobel’s clubhouse because Andor is asleep at both times of the day that it’s open, he naps at 9 and at 3. Too bad, I enjoy going. I miss talking to the mommies.

What else. My niece isn’t coming after all. I’m disappointed that she isn’t coming, I’m more disappointed that I expected anything else. The only way to survive my family is to expect nothing, that which is true today may not be true tomorrow. The laws governing words are ignored and anything is permitted if it’s couched in a fit.

..because there is no solution, it’s all a battle or too hard, and it’s always the end of the world for the pessimist.

It’ just not my style. I see clearly now why we don’t have the easiest time getting along. I’m an optimist, a get it done, a goal reacher, and a can do. I do, do. I say I will and then I do. I like action. I believe that there is an answer. I confront problems with solutions in mind. I think that we can do anything our minds desire. (p.s. that makes me a nut job, just so you all know).

I know that feeling fear will hurt you and make you feel sick, so I avoid fearing and worrying. Cal once told me that if I was going to try to predict the future, then I ought to at least predict success, rather than failure.  I’ve learned that it is better that way.

So they say the world is going to end, and I say it’s just beginning and our relations are thusly strained and impossible.   It’s impossible, if we’re all trying to be healthy, and honest. Coming to that conclusion is a load off, let me just say. You can only help those that want to be helped, all the rest just get defensive, especially for the pessimist.

Let’s just move on.

What’s next. Well, the fall is here and the colors are so beautiful. I’ve taken a zillion pictures of the leaves, which are so enchanting. Vivid reds, yellows, and oranges, it’s breath taking. I feel so romantic when the cold air goes into the trees and showers down those beautiful leaves onto the lush green grass in the park. So cool.

Did I use thusly?  Do I even know what that means?

Andor is amazing. Besides the tooth, he is crawling and he thinks that crawling up the stairs at the coffee shop is a blast. There is nothing cooler than watching an infant come along. He gets so excited and animated. Its brilliant. I am having the time of my life.  Nothing beats babies.

I’ve got to go pick up and go to sleep.
Thanks for reading.

2 Responses

  1. Awesome – you sound so happy, and I am glad you and yours are well. Babies are awesome, and all of Andor’s pictures show a very cute and obviously well-loved happy baby.

    One of these days I’m going to need a long weekend, and I can’t imagine it’s that much to fly up to Portland from SF.. for now my travel plans are to sticking to the west coast, because I’m tired of the nomadic life and am happily settled down here for the time being.

    Lots of love to you and your beautiful son.

  2. Welcome back online after being silenced by a power cord. Good to have you back. We miss you at the clubhouse, and are sending happy thoughts your way. When Andor’s nap shifts again we’ll be excited to see you.

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