Under Construction

I’m in the middle of some major life changes, I’m incorporating a baby into a previously childless life, losing the weight from the pregnancy, getting used to the idea that my “job” is mother and not under paid cook, and I’m learning a myriad of other daily drool related lessons. Let me assure you that I have never been so freakin’ happy in my life.

I have a love that is so great that it gobbles up fear and anger for breakfast.
My life is changed forever, not to put too fine a point on it.

I’m down to 115 pounds, which leaves me with 15 more pounds to lose. I walk every other day or so, up to five miles, with Andor strapped to my back. I’ve been getting pilates in at least three times a week. The fat can’t stick around, I won’t permit it. I look weird with too much body weight.

The kids marching band is such a hit. The kids get a real kick out of it and they are all so cute in their little costumes. If you have the time you should visit my other blog at http://iloveportland.wordpress.com/ and check out the photos.

Andor is amazing, and does something cool every day. He is “sitting” in his high chair as we speak waiting patiently for me to finish writing. A few nights ago while we were eating and he took the chicken bone from Cal and started gnawing on it. He’s been eager to eat everything since then. He likes plums, banana, grape and chicken bone. It’s pretty much the diet I ate at the end of my pregnancy, meat and fruit.

According to others, we are the lucky and proud parents of the rare “sleeps through the night” infant. I think it’s not so much luck, as, I’ve never asked the baby to sleep anywhere but right next to me. He feels safe and warm all through the night, and when he wants to nurse, I just roll over, give him what he wants and drift back to sleep. I find it very easy. I love my little family and my little baby and my home and my city.

Speaking of my city, Dawn is coming to visit in just 8 days! She and her two girls Kate and Emily, 5 and 6, are going to stay in a condo in the Civic on Burnside. I went and looked at it and it’s beautiful. The view couldn’t be more lovely. I can’t wait, Martha says she’ll take all of our pictures!

I’m very excited.

More later.

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