I Hate the Swing Shift

So, Cal works the swing shift, and keeps very different hours than I. Andor and I go to sleep at 10pm while Cal doesn’t lay down until 4am, at the earliest. We are two ships passing in the night! I thought this collage illustrated much of what I feel about this schedule we keep. He’s like a blur of movement, coming or going. I hardly see him at all.

I wish this would change. I want Andor and Cal to have some time together. I want Cal and I to have some time together. The warnings of other mothers resound in my mind, “time will pass so quickly, cherish this time you have together” and I want to scream knowing that Cal gets, maybe, a half hour a day with Andor. It’s sad, I think.

Here’s to times when our schedules mesh better.

3 Responses

  1. Camille: My mom (Cal’s grandmother) gave me this blog, and it’s been so fun to look at it on this rainy day. A lot of your comments remind me of how I was feeling when my two kids were born. Everything was swirling around together – good and bad emotions, up and down – and some days I couldn’t figure out if I was coming or going. Everything sounds very normal, but I am sure that Cal’s swing swift hours are doubly hard. I’m thinking of you all and wishing I could hold Andor. He looks so darling and a lot like Cal, although I bet if I saw your baby pictures, I would see that resemblance, too. I have finally gotten a package of baby presents together and will have it mailed tomorrow, so be on the lookout. It was so fun to shop for baby things after all these years! Love, Cal’s Aunt Janet

  2. I never even knew that Cal’s Grandmother had my blog. Funny. Maybe I would have chosen to word some things differently, maybe not.

    I don’t know.

    Either way, welcome to my blog, life, family, etc..
    All of you that read that I don’t know about. Welcome.

    I apologize in advance for offending you, just kidding. Sort of.


  3. I’m reading your blog to catch up with you! I feel ya girl. Rob works nights, I work days. It’s a rough road, but the love keeps us going. Despite the sleep deprivation, you guys look great and happy! 😀

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