The Nummies

The time I spend holding him against my belly and watching him intently, is the sweetest and most tender time that I have ever experienced. It’s so mammalian and natural and strange and lovely.

It is also a great challenge to give up so much of my time to feed him. Throughout the day I don’t get as much done around the house, or for myself. Even getting enough food sometimes is tough. This loss of time is the hardest part.

At the same time, breastfeeding releases oxytocin, a very strong hormone that makes you quite relaxed with breastfeeding. It’s a built in positive feedback system.

Back to the gushy stuff. I love my son. Holy cow I didn’t ever think that I would even say those words rather than experience them. It’s amazing. How I love my little family.


2 Responses

  1. see, it’s probably impossible to not loose all of the weight when you’re breastfeeding. he’ll suck it right off of you. i am so glad……we’ve known each other for twelve years and this is the happiest i’ve ever seen you.

    love love love

  2. You’re right! I jut got on the scale and I’m 120. That’s 30 lbs less than I weighed on March 19th. It’s a riot! At this rate I ought to be down to my pre-pregnancy weight by June or July, with the exception of the giant boobs!

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