I Stand in Awe

I can finally say that life is beginning to get a rhythm again. The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic for all of us. I breastfeed on demand, twenty four hours a day, which puts a serious dent into routine., something I value very highly. Also, learning the language of a brand new baby that needs things from you takes patience, diligence, and wit, all of which can be draining on two hours of sleep at a stretch. This too shall pass. Someday we’ll have a schedule and in the meantime I’m just trying to get a clue.

I took this video today hoping to catch even a portion of the cuteness I am subjected to daily now. I just needed there to be witness to my torture.

Gotta eat, not much time left….

I love you all!

4 Responses

  1. i demand fed my twins for over 17 weeks before i started to impose a ruitine, they were sooo tiny …

    and no, i dont know how i did it !!!

    well done, keep going, many of us know what its like, thnaks for taking time to peep into your worlds and remind us …

    off to eat too, my girls are napping
    cat xxxxx

  2. Oh holy cats, he’s the cutest. The little noises! Every time I see a picture or video of him, I have to tell my ovaries to stop screaming at me.


  3. I concur with Sam!

    AWWWWW X100

  4. aww. love you both!

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