Still Wondering March 11 70/366

I’ve been waiting for Cal to name the little ninja. I’d ask now and then whether he had any names, but I tried to steer clear of an all out nag. Just a few weeks ago Cal gave me a name that he doesn’t seem to be changing his mind about!  I thought it was time to tell.

Andor (pronounced like Ander) Rynd (pronounced like Rend) . First and last, no middle name.

I love it.

He has a name, a place to live, and a nearly finished body, so he can make an appearance any time he wants to.

I’m still left to wonder about his arrival time!  :]

We’ll all meet him soon!

2 Responses

  1. wow, i have 3 friends passed their due date now and one of them is you … its exciting waiting …

    i have 7 weeks to go !
    cat xxx

  2. OH, lovely! Yay, Andor! Come out so we can see you and love you and coo over you! 🙂

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