Meet Abra March 9 68/366

Let me introduce you to my friend Abra. She is 20 something, average in height, blonde, bluegreygreen eyes and generally good looking. She has a longer neck than you and she looks fantastic in high waisted pants. Her son is damn near the cutest and most affectionate boy in the pearl. She is this close to marrying a very good looking and successful man who currently lives in San Jose.  She is a pain in my ass and that’s why I love her.

Abra has been extremely helpful in preparing for the baby. Her supreme practicality has guided and directed me. She has made sure that I have all the little details covered. Everything from using old cloth diaper as burp cloths, to making sure that I have a little rubber mat/blanket to protect our bed from co-sleeping baby pee incidents.

Every pregnant woman needs another woman that knows what’s going on. Someone to make sure that you know that breast milk stains yellow. Someone to support you when you’re drenched in hormones and you just need someone to say that it’s going to be ok. Someone to ease your fears about these hundreds of little aches and pains and contractions.

Abra is my someone.

Thanks Abra :]


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