My Midwives February 28 58/366

From left to right: Celeste Kersey, Me, Susan Moray, and the apprentice, Jess Clement.

These women have followed me through my pregnancy and will help guide me through labor. They’ve watched the health and well being of me and the little ninja and respected my decisions and privacy. They are protective. They are informed. They are wise.

I know that my labor will go normally and that I can give birth naturally, in part because of the relaxed and confident advice that these women have given me. I feel sure that they will know if there needs to be intervention. I know that I can relax into their knowledge and experience.

I am satisfied, excited, joyful, and most of all, self assured.

Pregnant, in Portland? Get a midwife!

NW Community Midwives
2133 SE Orange Ave.

*Cal, Abra, Ocia, and Cyan are on this team, and most certainly they are as important as my midwives, so, I’ll have to write a separate blog about them, but this one is about my midwives.

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  1. I had seen a very talented actress named Jessica Clement perform on stage a few times in Iowa City back around 2000. Is there any chance your friend is the same person? If so, does she still do theater?

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