Basking in the Sun February 23 53/366


I had lunch with my friend/adopted mom/ex boss today. We went to whole foods and ate yummy salads and got free acai juice. We ate, caught up, laughed and poked at my belly.

Later I sat in the sun, for almost two and a half hours and read. This was my view. He rolls and adjusts himself frequently. I imagine it’s getting awfully tight in there. He seems to respond to the sounds of the other children playing in the park, as, if anyone screamed gleefully or laughed loudly, he would liven up and bump around. How empathetic children are.

I have but a few weeks left of this little person being inside of me and I hang on every moment we have together like this. Every little bump, every little kick, every little finger movement that I feel is one of the last of it’s kind. It will be joyful when he comes, but I have a feeling that I will miss these moments.

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