The Belly February 13 43/366



This is my big belly at 36 weeks pregnant. Abra and I did it today at my place. Martha came too and took some pictures. It was quite an enjoyable experience I have to say. I can’t wait to see what Martha does with her pictures. She’s always so creative. I’ll update this page with a link to her pictures. She’s gunna be famous, so.Anyway.

Abra did the cast itself, perfectly, I might add. I love it. It’s perfect. I chose to do just one breast, because it looks different than the eight zillion other casts that I’ve seen. I just like things that aren’t perfectly symmetrical. I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish it up, but I’ll post it when it’s finished. I think I ought to build a shadow box for it no matter what I do. It would look so pretty suspended within a box.

Here’s what we used and did to create the belly. Please keep in mind that I am small. If you are longer or larger than I am (most everyone is), you may need more plaster cloth. Better safe than sorry. I had a little left over.

Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth
1 large roll for $9.99 at Michael’s Craft
3 small rolls for $4.99 each at Michael’s Craft
Baby oil (I used baby oil) or petroleum jelly
Large piece of plastic to protect your floor (or old shower curtain)
Large rectangular container for wetting cloth (I used a casserole pan)

I covered the floor with the plastic and put all of the supplies on top of it. Abra cut strips off the rolls of plaster cloth that were about the size of my torso, give or take and also smaller ones for layering. I oiled up my skin really well to put a protective layer so that the cast didn’t adhere to my skin.

I parked myself on a chair on the plastic, we put warm water in the casserole pan, and Abra got to work on the cast. Like paper mache, she layered and smoothed the wet plaster cast until the form was finished and she felt like enough layers to make it strong. It was dry enough to remove by the time she finished the last layers.

I picked up the mess and she cut the ragged edges off the edges, and reinforced them with more plaster cloth. Clean up is pretty easy. Warm water removes all the residue off the scissors and casserole dish. The floor was protected with plastic, so, I trashed the curtain, and ran a vacuum over the spot where we worked for dust.

To finish you’ll let the form set for 48 hours, or until it’s entirely dry. If you gesso or seal it before it’s dry it will mold. Once it’s dry you can gesso it and paint it, or adorn it or light it on fire, whatever makes you happy.

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