Birthday Bowling! February 10 40/366


Today was the celebration of Marie’s Birthday! Abra, Cyan and I went to Grand Central Lanes to bowl and had a blast. Marie’s people are good people, and when she throws a party, it’s always fun! I’ve never turned down an invitation to hang out with her and her family.

So, I suck at bowling and missed more than I hit, but it’s fun to laugh and try. Cyan, who is four, only scored one less point than I did on the first game! Abra faired pretty well. She can aim.

I thought it was pretty funny how so many of the people were adamant that I be careful. I just all kept thinking to myself, “If I can’t roll a 10lb ball down a slick lane, than I oughtn’t even try to give birth naturally!” Besides, even if I fell I’d be fine. People are strange about trying to pamper pregnant ladies. I don’t want to be babied, I want to be strong!

Anyhow. That’s enough.

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