A letter to a friend February 3 34/366

This is a letter I wrote my girlfriend this morning. It set the tone for the whole day.

I am fine. Thank you so much for bothering to read my blogs! I love knowing that someone else is sharing my world with me. I blog because I truly feel alone sometimes. Knowing that someone can hear me think, even if it is somewhat delayed, makes me feel lighter somehow.

As for good books that I have read lately, unrelated, that is, to pregnancy, parenting, breast feeding, birthing, etc, I would recommend Enders Game, and the Speaker for the Dead series, written by Orson Scott Card. I think that you’d like the authors approach to some moral topics. My recent physical state causes me to nod off while reading books. This need for naps has delayed my finishing the two books I’m trying to read now. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Two books that couldn’t get any more different, one is for fun, the other, I think, torture. We’ll see.

I find that the lessons to be learned from Ayn Rand are to never allow yourself to feel unearned guilt, and to use your mind, because it is the most noble action of the human. She is a bit vague about happiness though. It is very hard to look at the world as she does without scowling and getting angry, but it can be done. My advice to you is to minimize your exposure to anyone who isn’t truly practicing happiness. Allow only those who you truly love and respect to have access to you. Do not waste your mind on people who seem disingenuous, forget them, they don’t matter. Do not entertain why they do what they do.
Sometimes, when I must deal with people I don’t particularly enjoy, I employ deep breathing and face relaxing to keep my face from reflecting my true disappointment in them. I smile, nod, and attempt to remove myself as soon as possible. Sometimes, I must speak my mind, and when I do, I attempt to make a point, without throwing my pearls to swine, if you will. Practice relaxing and remember that they are of no consequence to you. The more you distance yourself from these sorts of people, the more you will attract people who will benefit you, and add to your life. Accept nothing but the best of people as friends. Allow those people to influence you.

Only when your spirit isn’t constantly being assaulted by ignorance will you feel relaxed. Only when you are relaxed will you feel whole and true.

There you are.
Hope this helps.

Breathe deeply all of the time.

One Response

  1. yup that kinda helps, its raggyrat from flickr, i pop in here too
    i can identiyfy with great lakes of loneliness and people that trouble me greatly …

    i was also raised by a tough mother and have found out – pg with 4th baby – that its so hard to be a parent ‘by yourself’, having lost my father 8 years ago and my mother, well shes alive somewhere just – distant in more ways then one

    wont be long now
    cat xxx

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