Kinda Hard Jan 23 23/266

I had a long day, full of self doubt, self pity and self loathing.
I masked it well, I’m sure no one suspected.
It helps to have shows like American Idol to zone out too.
The other distraction techniques I used were reading, and calling my sister to share with her my state, she understands, we had the same mother, and she has hard days too..

I took a zillion pictures and was just about to give up when I got this one.

I look waaaayyy skinnier than I am in this. The picture is clear and I liked the colors and the composition, so it’ll work. I started off trying to do a masking project. But I’m tired and emotionally tapped.

It’s not all bad though. My tiny baby is fine, I am fine, we are fine.

I love us all.

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