Woa is me Jan 21 21/366

Woa is me. I have nothing to do, yet plenty to do, and I can’t seem to get anything done. The days are very long and full of possible projects to do! I should have done some laundry but I couldn’t get quarters cause it’s MLK day and the banks are closed. I did manage to go outside and get a little sun, and I listed almost all of the ebay stuff I want to sell. I’m not sure why I didn’t do the other stuff… I think that I just keep putting things off to assure a project in the future. I dunno. Whatever I’m super relaxed.

I played with layering a little more. I love editing. I have a whole tutorial that I need to watch! Yay learning! Soon I’m going to be good enough to take good pictures of the tiny baby! Weee.. I’ll post more tiny ninja photos than anyone will ever want to look at. I need to work on arrangement, and cropping, sometimes my photos just fall flat in that department.
I’m feeling less pregnant today, I mean, besides the four pound baby in my belly, and the enormous overalls. I feel sort of lithe and light on my feet and sarcastic.
I played music with Cyan for a little while today. That’s always nice. He loves to play virtually anything and is pretty good at it. He loves to just jam, and sing. It’s cool to play music with a four year old. He wants to just go as fast as possible. He’s playing in like Sixteenth notes nearly always when it’s up to him, I mean, just playing solo. If you listen closely you can determine some pretty consistent patterns in his playing. It’s fascinating.
Makes me wonder if the muffin man will like music as well.
I’ll meet him soon, so, we’ll see.


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