So Tired Jan 18 18/366

You know, my pregnancy has been pretty easy on me. I am healthy and strong. The biggest complaint that I have is this fatigue! It’s pretty rough lugging this extra weight around. I started out, 7 months ago, at 106 pounds and I’m at 141 right now and I still have 2 months to go! My muscles are working overtime and my knees are barely able to handle the load.

Abra and I went shopping for just under 4 hours today, to buy things that we sell. It wore me out! It’s all I could do to get home, eat and sift through my purchases. I pushed myself to take out the trash, vacuum, wash my dishes and tend to my own personal hygiene.

Good thing dishes and trash can be done in a coma. A mildly achy, wobbly coma.

My mantra remains, this too shall pass.

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