Dinner Out 11/366


I ate at the Veritable Quandry tonight with Abra, George, Jacobo, Ocia, and Bianca, Jacobo’s mom. I’m stuffed. We shared a artisinal cheese plate with grilled bruschette, bread and butter, and bacon wrapped prawns to start. For dinner, I had the NY Strip, medium rare, that had caramelized beets and parsnips, fresh arugula, and blue cheese. For desert we shared a rustic apple galette, chocolate sorbet, blood orange sorbet, almond ice cream, and finally a chocolate caramel tart with whip cream. Yes it was amazing, it always is.  Stellar.

I took this picture of myself at dinner. It’s not the best self portrait, but mainly I practiced using layers in photoshop, changing around the colors and practicing crops and such. Any suggestions?

One Response

  1. photos with lots of light can be toned down, low light gets grainy when adjusted. the more light the better.

    what version of photoshop? the CS version has new brightness contrast. i use the adjust levels option. sometimes hue/saturation. Ifix odd photos with color balance but light levels usually improves most pictures.

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