Pepper Spray 7/365


So, Ocia, Abra and I are sitting around chatting, catching up and then suddenly, …coughing. All of us. I’m like, “why are we all suddenly coughing?” and Ocia wonders aloud, “is that something burning?”

Abra calls me over to the door, we open it and some hazy shit hits us, we cough and gag and Abra insistantly says, “lets go outside, now, lets get Cyan (her son) dressed and go outside now.” We all agree and go, mouths covered, having to dress for cold ass, rainy night Portland. Cyan, brave little man, very patiently waited, freezing, while the pepperspray settled into the carpet.

We find out that someone (my guess is an idiot) in the building attacked someone else (probably some other idiot) and that the hallway had been doused with pepperspray. It had crept into the apartment and was worked it’s silent, strangely savory smelling magic on all of us!

Damn, never a dull day.

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