Your face will stick like that! 4/366


As a child we mimick the faces that our parents make. I’ve made this face at people my whole life, probably even before I spoke. It took me a long time to realize that I was communicating discust and distrust to people with my facial expressions. I often wondered why no one liked me; why people always claimed that I was “looking at them funny.” The hardest habits to break are habits aquired from birth..

When my mother made this face at me, I felt inappropriate and worthless! She didn’t need to say words, she had looks that could kill, or worse, destroy a little girls self-esteem and let her live believing that she was rotten. I felt like a burden, an unwanted burden.

My job is to wipe this face out of my face repertoire! I will not make my son feel this way! I will relax my face. I will look at him with love and tenderness. I will correct the mistakes that my mother made.

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