13 Weeks

The baby is now from 2.6 to 3.1 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs something like .5 to .7 ounces. He looks like a tiny yet fully formed baby. All twenty teeth have formed and are waiting. The intestines are migrating from the umbilical cord into his abdomen. The pancreas is secreting insulin. The vocal cords and taste buds are developing. He is also developing reflexes and can squirm around if my abdomen is prodded. His whole job now is to just grow and be healthy and strong.

As for me, the motion sickness hasn’t completely subsided but it’s getting there. On my walk to work the other day I had to stop after every few steps because the car exhaust and the movement of walking nearly caused me to throw up several times! I was ok once I got on the bus and out of the traffic.

My belly is growing really fast. You can’t tell I’m pregnant yet, it just looks like I have a beer belly! I’ll have to switch to sweat pants soon and I’ve already had to upgrade my bra! There isn’t a lot of space in my tiny body for him to grow; I won’t be able to conceal this pregnancy for much longer. I’ll be just a bunch of round parts soon!

I’m nesting more than ever. I’ve always been a home maker and keeper but now I’m on hyper-super-extra mode. I’ve bought furniture to pick things up off of the floor and I’ve bought a rug to cover the carpet and I’ve rearranged the closet at least twice. I feel like the kitchen still needs to be rearranged so I’ll do that this week. Arranging a studio to accommodate three people is a difficult task. I think I’m turning Japanese!

Also, I will be interviewing midwives in the next two weeks. Trying to find someone to that I feel will make this process go smoothly and with the least intervention possible. I hate doctors and hospitals all around, so, home birth all the way! This will not be treated as a medical procedure. I want to have a water birth too! Anyone who knows me knows I spend most of my time in the bath anyway!

That’s it for now.

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