Making the Tiny Baby

You would just think that I’ve put on a little extra weight through the belly and on my legs but I’m far enough along that I can’t hide it anymore. To Cyan, my friend Abra’s son, this whole thing is very exciting. He knows there is a tiny baby in there. He asks about it every day! He likes the name Lightning McQueen or Fred. He thinks this whole thing is pretty cool. Every day he asks how the tiny baby is. He’ll reach out and touch my bloated belly and say, “It’s getting bigger!” Occasionally letting me know that my “nummies” (breasts)are for the tiny baby! Watching him learn and understand this process is very cool. He is able to understand more than I ever thought that he would. He even gets that when the baby comes, it’s going to hurt me. He is a very intelligent human being and I’m glad that he is my friend.

The surprise and fear and rampant hormones of this pregnancy would reduce me to tears for the first few weeks, alot. Cyan would listen quietly and color while his mother would attempt to sooth me and reassure me. Once, during one of these moments, Cyan set down his colors, walked over to me, gently put his hand on my arm, and announced, “Ta-Meal, I think that it’s going to be ok for you and your tiny baby.” Tears and more tears followed.

What a great little guy!

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  1. I found your blog through this flickr picture. I just wanted to comment on how sweet this little boy is!

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