Skull Mocha

On Tuesday morning, just before the morning rush at Blue Gardenia, Matt, the hardworking barrista, made me the usual medium soy mocha, no whip. Already thankful for not having to wait in line and by being greeted by the smell of fresh baked goods, you can only imagine how i reacted to this little moment of joy!

Are you kidding me? A perfect soy mocha with a SKULL DESIGN in the foam! Not just any skull though, no. It’s pretty much perfectly cutesy and creepy! Man, I felt like the most fancy girl ever. It made the rest of my day. No kidding. Maybe I’m easy to please, but still, I carried that feeling all the way through work, getting ready for the fashion show, and on to the stage that night!


Thanks Matt! …and you thought it was just a coffee…

Go eat baked goods and drink coffee on Mississippi.
Matt works in the mornings.

Blue Gardenia
3747 N Mississippi Ave
Portland Oregon Baby.

2 Responses

  1. That’s so cute and rad. I’m going to tell my friend who just moved there to go. Thanks!

  2. no doubt?! super cool!

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