Seared Halibut with Porcini Mushrooms and Lovage

1230 NW Hoyt St.

Monday night is a tough night to eat. Chefs night off, usually.

Anyway, I sat at my favorite spot the old bar turned new pantry section with a couple of chairs for diners to watch. It was different, but change can be good, and besides, I like to watch.

I started with a saffron potato gnocci with spinach and cream which was like pillows of flavor and love and caramelized goodness of joy. Everything about it was perfect, the little perfect squares of dumpling were prefectly cooked, the sauce was a beautiful texture, the seasoning was perfect. I was very very happy.

Then came my Halibut with balsamic porccini and loveage. The fish was seasoned perfectly but it was overcooked; overcooked halibut is tough and unpleasant in your mouth. I didn’t send it back though. I ate it. The flavor was nice and the porccini were so beautifully prepared I couldn’t bare to send them away. I’m a romantic what can I say.

The lovage added a dimension that was part celery and part lemon and then some other super familiar flavor that I couldn’t quite define. It was lovely. I’m always happy to eat there.

The service at Fratelli’s is always professional. The servers have great timing and the food seldom lingers in the window. I love that. The prices are great! Consider the quality of the ingredients chef uses!



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